USA Goju Organization


Hanshi William A. Liquori 

Head of the USA Goju Organization


Hanshi William A. Liquori 

Martial Arts Bio

                               Sensei Liquori started working as a police officer
for the Orlando Police Department in November of 1958. Volunteers
were asked to be physical training instructors for the Orlando police
officers at the J.C. Stone Police Academy. Sensei Liquori volunteered
for this opportunity. Thereafter,  he started training in Judo. After
receiving his brown belt in Judo he decided to switch to Karate thinking
that it might be better suited for police training. Sensei Liquori chose to
train with Master Peter Urban in New York city. Master Urban had
instructed police officers in New York,  and Sensei Liquori,  being from
New York, had relatives he could stay with while training. The Orlando
Police Department sent Sensei Liquori to New York annually for several
years, and he also used his personal vacation time to go train with
Master Urban at the Chinatown Dojo.

Sensei Liquori trained with some of Master Urban's top students, such
as Thomas Boddie, Al Gotay, Edward Doyle, and Ron Van Clief. He
also trained with other black belts in Florida like Mike Foster of
Yoshukai. Through the years Master Urban also came to Florida and
held seminars at Sensei Liquori's dojo on Orange Blossom Trail in

Master Urban encouraged Sensei Liquori (as he did all his high ranking
black belts) to start his own organization; therefore Liquori started the
USA Goju Organization. Sensei Liquori received rank promotions from
Master Urban up to the rank of Judan (10th degree) , but never
acknowledged it, citing there could only be one Judan in the system
(Master Urban). Sensei Liquori told his students of this matter one night
at the end of class in 1982, and ended by saying that when Master
Urban passes away he just might acknowledge the rank, but not until
then. Since the passing of Master Peter Urban in April of 2004, Sensei
Liquori finally decided to acknowledge his rank of Judan in December
of 2005 at the annual USA Goju Organization Christmas party.

Over the years, Sensei Liquori has trained countless students,  among
them  many highly qualified and well respected black belts, such as
Gene Frye, Oren Smith, Renee Smith, Larry Mabson, Ken Batts, Emory
Cross, David Swinson, Bill Bush, Mike Bell, and Linda Liquori. Sensei
Liquori also had black belts from other styles train with him like Herbie
Thompson and Alan Watson of Nisei Goju. Although Sensei Liquori no
longer teaches regularly he continues to be the head of the
organization along with holding seminars and attending U.S.A. Goju
Organizational functions.